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Happy New Year. Resolution: save money on Amazon AWS using xlogs.

Welcome to xlogs – a free tool to help manage the Amazon Cloud.


Over the course of the last year of so, and in reviewing a number of AWS environments as a consultant, I noticed a couple of interesting things.

  • An incredible number of EC2 sites on Amazon are virtually completely static
  • Almost none of these sites are using AWS Reserved Instances
  • Almost all of them have zombie instances that nobody remembers why they’re there.
  • Amazon makes tracking what’s going on difficult – to put it mildly

So xlogs is my one-stop site to help address the following AWS shortcomings:

  • No logfiles.  No simple way to tell when an instance appears, vanishes, starts or stops.
  • No simple alerts. I want to know when things change.
  • No simple way to see how much I might save using Reserved Instances.

As someone who’s taken care of computers for 30 years, I need logfiles.  They tell the story of what’s happening on a machine.  Amazon doesn’t have something like that where I can see at a glance what’s going on with my instances.


Ditto Alerting.  I wrote the first web-based Systems and Network Monitor, Big Brother – – so I really want to know what’s going on.  Even a simple email alert to show me what’s changed.  At least it’ll remind me I have stuff running on EC2.

And spending?  It’s shocking how much money you can save on Amazon just using reserved instances.  Here’s a sample:


So here’s Xlogs – please let me know if its helpful and please tell me of any bugs.

Happy New Year.

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